David Corbett



UPDATE: From June 2021, all generative composition work and relted residencies will be uploaded to www.blidduth.com

Generative collage/decoupage Composition engine in Max/Msp. sound, image & text automatically selected random from material archive, layered, scaled & exported as new abstract film compositions.
More works generated as will project develops.

*Click dots on bottom right of each frame for info on source material

Composite from Cody Dock, Star Lane Station Canning Town, Text from "Sonnet for May '68" installation.

Composite from Leoncavallo Milan, Blidworth Woods, Fictional Text.

Composite Tony Conrad Sculpture in Milan Duomo, Mansfield Woods

Composite Milan Graffitti, Wolgang Buttress Bitish Pavillion Detail from Milan Expo 2015

Early Composite Experiment (hence resolution) Cody Dock, ILLFM Studio East London, Milan Expo, Rainworth Woods

Composite Branca Tower Milan, Wind Turbine Blidworth, Windmill Lane Anti Trump demonstration.

  • For PHD Research

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