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Full name

David Corbett


Multidisciplinary Artist


London, UK


2016 Trent University, Nottingham
MFA Fine Art

2014 Trent University, Nottingham
PGCE Creative Writing

2013 Birkbeck University of London
DipHE in English

2002 - 2010 University of Life, London

2000 University of Lincoln, Kingston Upon Hull
BA (Hons) in Fine Art 
2019 TAA London (Group), Engate St, Lewisham, London, UK
2019 RA Staff Group Show (Group), Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
2019 Tiny TAA (Group), Tabernacle St, London
2018 RA Staff Group Show (Group), Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
2018 40˚ Celsius (Group), ASC Gallery, Croydon, UK
2018 Journées de la Culture (Group), Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne, Montreal, QC
2018 Taking Care (Group), Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
2017 Your River Lea Photo Exhibition (Group), Cody Dock Gallery, London, UK
2017 Art & Sound Symposium (Group), De Montford University, PACE Building, Leicester, UK
2017 SHUT UP (Group), Campbell Works, East London
2017 TAA London (Group), TAA Gallery, London, UK
2016 Furthest From The Sea – Film Free and Easy (Group), The Maypole, Derby, UK
2016 Crisis Interlude (Group Show), Sneinton Market Units, Nottingham UK
2016 Cross Institutional MA Crit (Presentation), Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK
2016 Wanderings (Group Show), Primary, Nottingham, UK
2015 Equivocal (Group), Primary, Nottingham, UK
2015 Film Free and Easy (Group), Primary Studios, Nottingham, UK
2015 Under the Bed Art (Group), Hendersons Gallery, Nottingham, UK
2015 Four Squared (Group), Bohunk Institute, Nottingham, UK
2015 Temporary Autonomus Art (Group), Crows Nest Gallery, London, UK
2015 Park Garden Trail (Group), Synapse Arts, Nottingham, UK
2015 Parallel Presents (Group), Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham, UK
2013 Klang Kunst & Mutiny (Group), MS Stubnitz, London, UK
2013 Lugus (Group), Cody Dock, London, UK
2013 Salon Bruit (Group), Camp Tipsy, Berlin, Germany
2007 Temporary Autonmous Arts (Group Show), National Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Noise = Noise (Group), The Foundry, London, UK
2006 Turbulensce (Group), Manor Turbova, Prague, Czech Republic
2006 Fist of the Fourth (April Fools Day) (Group), The Fleapit, London, UK
2005 Fist of the Fourth (April Fools) (Group), The Others, London, UK
2005 Cybersonica (Group), Truman Brewery, London, UK
2004 Temporary Autonomous Art (Group), Goswell Rd, London, UK
2004 Scamleys (Group), Brixton Village Market, London
2003 Waveswarms (Group), 291 Gallery, London, UK
2002 Unsound (Group), Kingston Rowing Club, Kingston upon Hull, GB
2001 Lovebytes Digital Arts Festival (Group), The Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, GB
1999 Insertalation (Group), Ferens Art Gallery, Kingston upon Hull, GB

Max/Msp, Audio Visual, Installation Art, Creative Writing, Sound Design, Electronic Improvisation, Generative Collage, Generative Photo Montage